Each retreat is a deeply transformative journey, which incorporates a blend of traditional and non-traditional healing modalities all designed to return you back home to your true Self.

Most retreats are designed to have you relax, learn a few things and you come back feeling good for a time, but it never seems to stick. 3 Day healing is created and facilitated to give you the unique emotional intelligence tools to help you function at your Highest Self. In this retreat, We have created unique transformational processes that are far beyond note taking, information gathering, and theory.

Our programs are typically held over the weekend starting Friday afternoon and finishing Monday Morning. The location of the event varies greately depending on the availability of our facilitators.

As soon as you arrive to the destination you will be assigned a room depending on your requirements. You will also be provided with a schedule of the acitivites for the weekend as well as additional documentation for a successful practice.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are provided by us, our team will take care of all cooking and cleaning at the event. The food for the entire weekend is Vegan, meaning we wont cook any food derived from animals or animal products. If you have specific dietary restrictions we will accomodate separately.

For the Buffah Package you can expect a combination of the following activities

  • Primordial Sound Meditation (Mantra based from the Chopra Center)
  • Gentle Restorative & Flow Yoga asana – heart centered approach of moving your body with intention
  • Inner Child Work – Healing and connecting with your feelings as the inner child
  • Shadow Work – Understand the shadow side of your psyche
  • Pranayama breathing exercises and energy work
  • Connecting with nature and Mother Earth
  • Native American Releasing Ceremony
  • Personalized Aromatherapy
  • Personalized Physical Therapy
  • Personalized Reiki

The cost of the Sudhodanna package starts at 1250$.

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